Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio


Tissue (2019) for orchestra
first prize Rychenberg Competition
Musikkollegium Winterthur Orchestra, Switzerland
Pierre-Alain Monot, conductor

Distancia de rescate (2018) for 8 low strings
Novarumori ensemble, Montreal
Émilie Girard-Charest, soloist
Isak Goldschnider, conductor

Gestalt (2014) for percussion and piano
Duo Cuenco de Plata: Malena Levín, piano, Juanita Fernandez, percusión

Around Music (2006/18) for piano, cello, percussion, flute and guitar
New Maker Ensemble, UK/Portugal

Esta tarde leo Adorno (2013) for bass clarinet, viola, percussion, pickup player and electric fan.
KNM Ensemble, Berlin

Palabras (2005) for soprano, saxo, viola and microtonal piano
Hortus Ensamble, NL

La Magia (2007) for percussion and harp
Arnold Marinissen, percussion, Miriam Overlach, harp

The daughter of the sorceress (2004)… excerpts
Cecilia Arditto Master eindexamen
Conservatory of Amsterdam

Musica invisible for flute #1 (2003) Rebecca Lenton, flute KNM Ensemble, Berlin

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Argentina sola (2005) dance
a piece by Marilén Iglesias Breuker
based on music by Cecilia Arditto
Icosaèdre, Paris

The dearest dream (2018) Anti-concerto for percussion
second prize of the Wilde Lieder Marx Music Competition
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, UK
Michael Wendeberg, conductor

Las trampas del tiempo (2011) for early music ensemble
and objects
Boreais Festival, Bergen, Norway
Ensemble Música temprana, NL
Adrián van der Spoel, conductor

Mapas del agua / Maps of the water (2008) for percussion
Marina Lafarga, Garcia percussion

Dos #2 (2016) vor violin, cello and pickup players
DieOrdnungDerDinge Ensemble, Berlin

Duerme Rosa (2011)  for mezzo soprano and
early music ensemble (fragment)
Ensemble Música temprana, NL
Luciana Cueto, soloist, Adrián van der Spoel, conductor

Música invisible (2003) for bass flute and electric fans
Marieke Franssen, flute

Out loud (2017) for trombone, cello, accordion, violin and percussion
New Mexico Contemporary Music Ensemble

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Musica invisible (2003) for flute #1, 2 and 3
Laura Cubides, flute

Musica invisible for flute and dancer (2003)
Ines Birkhan, dance, Martin Huber, flute
Boswil residence ensemble, Switzerland

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Out loud #3(2020) for bass clarinet, violin, cello, viola and guitar
counter)induction ensemble, NYC

musica invisible

Música invisible for trumpet and Flügelhorn (2004)
Amy Horvey, trumpet and Flügelhorn

#1. Música invisible for Flügelhorn
“Aerial perspective”

#2. Música invisible for trumpet

#3. Música invisible for trumpet


Pieces-installations for flute, electronics and slide projectors composed in Konvent residence, Berga, Barcelona July 2019.
Cecilia Arditto, concept and composition, Adriana Montorfano, flute and objects, Daniel Nicolas,guest photographer

musique concrete

Six pieces for sound objects and tape (2015)
Cecilia Arditto, composition and objects
Alu Montorfano, objects


La radio

Machine à coudre



La machine à écrire

magic lanterns

Lijnen backstage (2004)

Lijnes (2004)

Zand (2004)

Drup (2008)

Tryout (2011)

Tryout (2011)

score following
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Life on Mars (2016) for clarinet, accordion and cello
Road runner trio, NL

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Electricité (2015) for string telephone, tape and projectors